5km Running Program – Strathmore Triathlon Festival

Strathmore Women's Triathlon Festival - Couch-to-5km Running Program

For those who are participating in the "Sprint" at the Strathmore Women's Triathlon Festival, here is your Couch-to-5km Running Program.

Best suited for - those new to running, haven’t run in a while, or for those who would like to follow a plan!

The goal of this run/walk program - to allow you to start your running mileage low (minutes spent running) and your recovery high (minutes spent walking). Minutes running will gradually increase, while minutes walking will gradually decrease. This program has intentional walk breaks, however, should you find yourself able to keep running and not requiring the walk breaks, you can use this program to run a continuous 5km.

You will notice in the “week” column there are numbers in brackets. These represent your total running minutes for your long run (Sunday) and for the week total. This gradual increase in running time allows your body to adapt to the stress of running, therefore, keeping your injury risk much lower.

Sunday runs are longer. Wednesday runs are shorter. If you wish to add a day of running, you can redo your Wednesday run on Friday.

Before each run - a warm up is highly recommended before you begin your run/walk. A brisk walk for 10mins along with a few minutes of walking lunges, high knee marching and/or some skipping (embrace your inner child here) are all great ways to get your body warm and ready for your run. The warm up should warm you up!

What to wear - be comfy! That’s the most important thing. Layering is great. Rule of thumb: begin your workout with enough clothing so that you are a little bit chilly.

Questions? - Dr. Angela is a Chiropractor with a very special interest in supporting active women! She has put this program together just for you. If you have questions, need clarification or have an injury feel free to contact her at  dr.angela@cadencesportstherapy.com.

Happy Running!

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