I first met Angela for training at the gym. I had been with many trainers in the past, but she was the first one who was able to get me in shape and helped me lose weight. Her pleasant coaching was always motivational, and she never let a little whining stop me from reaching my training goals. But more than anything Angela made working out fun!!

I also had opportunity to see her as a chiropractor too. I find her holistic view of training and therapy to be refreshing. She introduced me to ART and was able to help me with muscle strain and tension that no other practitioner was able to do. Angela is very respectful and never pushed any treatment I was not 100% sure about and she would always find alternatives that fit my lifestyle and comfort level.

Calgary has gained a great practitioner and Angela will be sorely missed in Toronto!

Sheri, Toronto, ON

Today I ran the 5km “Run For Water” run at Eau Claire Market. I was hoping to complete it in under 30 minutes but unfortunately that was not so. Due to a bit of downfall on the training and fighting a cold my cardio held me back. I did finish in 35:31 which I am still happy with for my first run. I thank you for all the tools and treatments you have provided me to allow me to do my run without injury. I am already talking about the next one.

Again, thank you!

Connie, Calgary, AB

A friend of mine recommended that I see Ryan Emmons for active release treatments for a bad limp and considerable back/side pain in my legs. She commented that she and others she knew had seen him, and he did a wonderful job of help them to become more mobile and less pain-full. I had been suffering from a number of problems that accumulated after a ski tumble a year and half previous to my first visit. During that time, I had seen chiropractors, a therapeutic masseuse, my family doctor, a sports medicine doctor, and physiotherapist – all without a clear diagnosis or much success, despite the fact that I was diligent about doing whatever they said to do as I truly wanted to get better and become more active again. Dr. Emmons cautioned me that it would take a few weeks to know if he could really help me, but from the very first treatment, I started to improve and to feel better. After a number of treatments, my leg became straighter and I started to walk without a limp – that was a huge success considering where I had come from. I still have a distance to go, but I can see the results and continue to feel better and more flexible every day – I now can golf, work out again, and take walks with my dog. This success, I think, is due to three things: the treatment method – Active Release, the very qualified and skilled person applying the Active Release – Dr. Emmons, and my willingness to do consistently everything he told me to do. I have nothing but praise for Ryan and his work, and recommend him frequently to friends and colleagues.


As a professional golfer it is extremely important to be able to move your body without restrictions and compensations. Before I saw Ryan, this was not the case with my body. Not only has Ryan helped me get rid of compensations, he has given me the knowledge and understanding of why they happen and how to prevent them in the future. Its amazingly helpful not only to leave feeling better but learning how to maintain a healthy body. I feel like Ryan is ahead of the curve in so many ways and gifted at what he does, that it gives me an advantage over those I compete against. Golfers are always trying to improve and with better body movement, my swing has improved greatly and that is exciting.

Wes Heffernan,