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Motor Vehicle Accidents. What do I need to know?

Pain & Health Insurance Information for Motor Vehicle Accidents Snowy conditions always seem to increase the number of Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs). Often times, after being in a fender-bender, the pain or discomfort that is associated with an MVA doesn't show up until the next day. Whether your pain is mild, moderate or severe, we can…
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Sport Orthopaedic Acupuncture

Have you heard of Dry Needling or IMS Acupuncture? Sport Orthopaedic Acupuncture is an equivalent needling technique to dry needing or IMS, however, it is a more thorough approach to soft tissue injury care when compared to dry needling or IMS alone.  Sport Orthopaedic Acupuncture takes the principles of Ashi Point Acupuncture (the Traditional Chinese…
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Prenatal Massage

Why Get a Massage While Pregnant? As the body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy, prenatal massage can help those special needs of the mother to be. Prenatal massage can help to: improve muscle and joint function, calm the nervous system, increases circulation, and can help settle the mind improving quality and duration of…
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Treating Winter Disease in Summer with TCM

Treating Winter Diseases in Summer One of Dr. Yuchee’s goals as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to Cultivate Life. In order to do so, one approach is to prevent disease.  Typically, winter time is full of viruses and flare ups of other conditions (for the sake of this discussion, let’s refer to them…
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