Calgary Women’s Run

The 31st annual Calgary Women’s Run took place on August 30, 2009. It was our delight to provide post-race Active Release (ART) treatment to all of the ladies after their 5.5 or 10km adventure. Here is a glimpse of Dr. Ryan working on one of the finishers, no doubt educating about the importance of pelvic stability in a runner! Congratulations to all the finishers, and a thank you to Mantra and A Sacred Space for providing the massage.

Bras for a Cause

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Bras for a Cause campaign. Everyones efforts allowed us to collect 70 bras for women in need and donate $70 to the Breast Cancer Supportive Centre here in Calgary.   A big thank you to K.Vogl and M.Moncrieff who each donated over 20 bras each.…
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Psoas Article in IMPACT Magazine

If you haven’t already received your copy of IMPACT Magazine 2009 Running Issue, here is a link to Dr. Ryan & Dr. Angela’s latest article
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Welcome to, Cadence Chiropractic & Sports Therapy!

On May 31, Cadence Chiropractic & Sports Therapy organized over 30 massage therapists and ART providers for the 2009 Calgary Marathon. This allowed for 300 runners to receive post-race treatment and raised $4000 for Diabetes Canada! Way to go team!