BPAs and your Health

We should all know about BPA by now as most of us have changed our baby bottles, Nalgene Bottles and maybe even have changed from canned goods to frozen (because of the plastic lining in cans).

Little do we know that we are marinating in BPA all of the time. How? It is in CDs, DVDs, kitchen appliances and utensils, medical supplies, the face of laptops and Blackberry, etc. Especially, BPA is found on carbonless paper, like the receipts from the store we touch all the time. After touching a receipt, those BPA’s go right from our finger tips into our blood stream.

BPA disrupts our hormones and we have known this since the 1930’s!!! BPAs effects are different at low levels and high levels - this means there ISN’T A SAFE LEVEL.

BPA is linked to increases in prostate and breast cancer, uro-genital abnormalities, decline in semen quality in men, early onset puberty in girls, etc.

Canada has lead the world to take action to limit BPA. Yaye us! Think twice about what you purchase, what you keep and perhaps alternatives.

In our family we are changing our plastic toys to wood, our rubbermaid/tupperware to glass and even changing our drip coffee maker (which is largely plastic) to an all glass Bodum-style French press. A few problems solved.

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