Why can healthy eaters have Food Sensitivities?

Food Sensitivities - Dr. Angela Explains Her Own

I was asked a question on my Dr. Angela FaceBook Page recently by someone who knows me well enough to know my nutritional habits. The question was, "as someone who is so focused on what they eat, how is it that you have developed food sensitivities and internal inflammation?". To answer this question fully I have to become pretty darn vulnerable here!

A Bit of My History

When I look back at the last 15 years, my body and my mind have been under enormous stress. The stressors of Chiropractic College, working while in Chiropractic College, trying to conceive a baby for quite a while, building my Chiropractic Practice three separate times, raising a family away from home, never taking a vacation….I could go on, we all have our stories, and this is part of mine.

Stress changes the permeability of the Gut. Chronic stress therefore will, over time, weaken the immune system as much of the immune system resides in the Gut. This leads to inflammation and leaky gut.

Food-Sensitivities-1The Gut needs to be somewhat permeable but not too permeable. Think of the Gut like a cheesecloth, it lets through liquid but not solids. Same type of scenario with the Gut. We want it permeable enough to let in nutrients but we don't want it so permeable that food particles and pathogens can get through, which is what happens with Leaky Gut.

As a stressed out Chiropractic Student working part-time as a Personal Trainer who really wasn't eating well, this combination of stress and inflammatory foods is most definitely when my Leaky Gut began.

More Recently

Fast forward to the last couple of years. Stress levels are down (yaye!) and I eat quite well. However, my Leaky Gut has never had a chance to heal and the immune response to my foods didn’t change. Sure, I take excellent probiotics daily, but, without a “healthy gut” those supplements can only do so much. There has been an absence of probiotic-rich foods in my diet as well.

So, my stress levels are down (great!) but my gut has never healed (not great!) and I bombard my Gut daily with dairy, grains and sugar (even less great!). On top of all of that, many of the “healthy” foods I eat are inflammatory to me (as determined by Food Sensitivity Testing) so I am essentially sabatoging my Gut Health by eating the way I am eating. I would never know the extent of this without the Food Sensitivity Testing (view my food sensitivity procedure and results).

Present Day

Fast forward to today, 2017. I am behind a few eight balls here and my options are twofold. I can keep going the way I am going, sabotaging my gut and continually increasing my inflammatory state (which isn’t advisable as many illnesses can be directly related back to inflammation), or, I can do something about it!

My Gut Healing Phase has been in place now for about one month. As promised in my last video  I will share that very soon.

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