Dr. Angela’s 16 Week Challenge

December 26th marked Dr. Angela's end to her 16 week IsaBody Challenge. This is what she had to say about it:

There is never a "perfect time". Ever.

January 1st is symbolic for many. I like January 1st. I also like September 1st, the back to school year is meaningful. I also like May 1st because that’s my birthday month!

Many perceive January 1st as the “perfect time” to make change. But, is there ever a perfect time? Can there be a perfect beginning, middle and end?

Perfection is rather overrated (in my mind anyway)!

The longer you wait for the perfect time, the longer you wait to accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish.

Let’s use a nutrition & exercise program as an example. When do you think the perfect time would be for you to begin? Whenever it is you decide, life will inevitably get in the way.

* sick kids * busy at work * relationship stress * injury * sick parents * illness * vacation  *

Life will get in the way and you can almost never predict when & how it will happen.

I started my 16 Week IsaBody Challenge in Sept 2015. It started slow, so, the beginning wasn’t perfect. I went on an 8 day holiday (had fun, enjoyed mojitos, slept less, ate more) then came home to a week long knock-me-out-virus. So, the middle wasn’t perfect. December came. Which meant the flu (yuck!), then chocolates, festive drinks, peppermint bark, perogies, late nights and then, the end of my challenge. So, the end wasn’t perfect either.

But, I was consistent as I could be. When I was in the weight room, I was IN the weight room, committed. When I was running stairs, I worked hard. When I was planning meals and consuming food I was mindful; I made sure my protein intake was adequate, my adaptogenic herbs were consumed, my fasting days were spread out and my meals were balanced and delicious. I never didn’t eat. I never skipped a meal. I was mindful of what my body needed.


IMG_2114 (1)My original goals were:

1. increase in muscle mass (check!)

2. improve eating habits (upped my protein and was more mindful with my choices)

3. add intermittent fasting (in 16 weeks I did 5 fasting days)

4. make a positive overall change to my mind and body (i feel terrific, think clearer, and though it was not a goal, I did loose 7 lbs)

I am ready for another challenge! Would you like to join me? I am going to sign up for another 16 weeks starting January 18th. Your challenge can be 30, 60 or 90 days, or join me for the entire 16 weeks!

Let’s get healthier and stronger together!

Just remember, it won’t be perfect! You have permission not to strive for perfection! Just to do your very best with whatever life puts in your way.


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