Hot Stone Massage

What exactly is Hot Stone Massage?

Jade stone is a semi-precious stone that has been used for massage for thousands of years. 

There are two types of Jade – Nephrite and Jadeite. Jadeite is the gemstone used in jewelry and Nephrite is the type of Jade used in massage stones.


Jade has been known to relax the nervous system, and aid in the removal of toxins. 

Each Jade stone is mined, cut, shaped, and polished. It can take an artist many hours to properly shape and polish one stone for massage. Jade stone is very smooth and non porous. They can be heated or cooled and are placed on or under the body as well as used directly for massage. This combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy. When using stones, the therapist can work deep into the muscle tissue to release muscle tension and localized pain without any discomfort. Chilled stones provide just as powerful of a massage as heated stones. When used together, it can create a vascular flush increasing blood flow and removal of toxins.

Benefits of Jade Stone Massage include:

  • Increased Circulation
  • Provide treatment similar to hydrotherapy
  • Balance the body
  • Flush internal organs and systems
  • Improve Vitality
  • Improves sleep and overall sense of well being

It can also relieve:

  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Deep muscle tissue pain
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis pain

Jade Stone Massage is a fantastic treatment for anyone who is looking to alleviate any of the above conditions or an increase in circulation with a feeling of vitality.

There is one easy way to get the healing properties of jade stones – book a Jade Stone Massage with Erin today!

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