Neck Joints & Neck Pain

How joints in the neck can contribute to pain

There can be many sources of neck pain. One common source of neck pain that is often overlooked and uncommonly treated are the cervical spine facet joint capsules. More simply put, the capsules surrounding the joints in the neck.

facet-jointsThe cervical facet joint capsule is an area of connective tissue that covers and closes the facet joint. This connective tissue creates a sort of bulky seam that holds the two bones forming the joint together.

The joint capsules are most commonly aggravated and injured by awkward sleep positions, whiplash and especially the all too common “head drop” that occurs when looking down too much and too often. Texting, using electronic devices, cooking meals, cleaning dishes and sewing all involve head drop. We refer to the effect of head drop as “abnormal loading of the cervical spine”.

This is not just a condition in adults. Many youth we see have some degree of joint capsule injury. This is no surprise given that most young people are constantly looking down at school, at home and even when they are hanging out with their friends (frequently with a phone in hand).

Injury of the neck joint capsules can result in neck pain. However, this type of injury can also contribute to weakening of the muscles of the neck and individuals may experience any or all of the following:

  • mental “fog”
  • unexplained emotional sensitivity
  • an unexplained unwell feeling

Although the mechanisms in which abnormal loading of the cervical spine leads to both pain and emotional disturbances are unknown, it is becoming more and more prevalent in the clinic setting.

At Cadence Chiropractic we see this condition daily. We treat neck joint capsules quickly and effectively. If you want to be evaluated for cervical spine joint capsule injury, call to book your appointment at 403.521.2278

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