Clinical Nutrition Program

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supplementsWhat is it?

A clinical nutrition program designed to ensure that our clients get the right advice and the right products.

How does it work?

We keep it simple: Email us and tell us what you need, we discuss the best products and determine the right dose, we order the products and have them shipped to your home (shipping is free on orders over $100).

Not sure about what you need? Email us and we can offer complimentary advice of what would be beneficial, we order the products and have them shipped to your home (shipping is free on order over $100)


Much too often clients inform us about the supplements they are taking which are quite far off the mark in terms of the the quality of the product and the dosage. We want to support you in finding and purchasing the right products. The right products will offer the best bioavailability (meaning your body can digest and absorb the supplement) and we can ensure you take the right dose (to get the true therapeutic effect of the product).

What products and conditions do we comment on?

We can advise on everything. The most common topics are: post-workout shakes, protein, multi-vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin C, immunity, digestion, stress, adrenal support, energy, sports performance, child supplementation, inflammation, joint support, sleep, depression, anxiety, candida over-growth. Just ask and we will let you know.

What brands do we supply?

We provide supplements from Metagenics and Seroyal which are prominent Nutriceutical companies.

How to proceed?

Contact Cadence Chiropractic today to get you on the right track with your nutrition and supplements to be a healthier you!

In-person consultations are also available. Call Cadence Chiropractic to book an appointment.