A friend of mine recommended that I see Ryan Emmons for active release treatments for a bad limp and considerable back/side pain in my legs. She commented that she and others she knew had seen him, and he did a wonderful job of help them to become more mobile and less pain-full. I had been suffering from a number of problems that accumulated after a ski tumble a year and half previous to my first visit. During that time, I had seen chiropractors, a therapeutic masseuse, my family doctor, a sports medicine doctor, and physiotherapist – all without a clear diagnosis or much success, despite the fact that I was diligent about doing whatever they said to do as I truly wanted to get better and become more active again. Dr. Emmons cautioned me that it would take a few weeks to know if he could really help me, but from the very first treatment, I started to improve and to feel better. After a number of treatments, my leg became straighter and I started to walk without a limp – that was a huge success considering where I had come from. I still have a distance to go, but I can see the results and continue to feel better and more flexible every day – I now can golf, work out again, and take walks with my dog. This success, I think, is due to three things: the treatment method – Active Release, the very qualified and skilled person applying the Active Release – Dr. Emmons, and my willingness to do consistently everything he told me to do. I have nothing but praise for Ryan and his work, and recommend him frequently to friends and colleagues.