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Why can healthy eaters have Food Sensitivities?

Food Sensitivities - Dr. Angela Explains Her Own I was asked a question on my Dr. Angela FaceBook Page recently by someone who knows me well enough to know my nutritional habits. The question was, "as someone who is so focused on what they eat, how is it that you have developed food sensitivities and internal…
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Food Sensitivity Testing – the results

Food Sensitivity Reports - easy to read! Dr. Angela received her Food Sensitivity Report and she was in for a few surprises. See here video here as she goes trough the report and what it means. There are some dietary changes ahead for Dr. Angela! If you are interested in Food Sensitivity Testing contact our…
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Food Sensitivity Testing – the Process

Food Sensitivity Testing - an easy test! Food Sensitivity Testing involves a finger prick and dropping the blood from the finger into a canister. The canister is sent to the lab and a report is sent back 10-14days later. The information is very useful. Patients are able to identify their Food Sensitivities and alter their…
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