Dr. Angela is absolutely amazing! She is punctual, extremely knowledgable, and her staff is super friendly. I suffered from knee pain for years - I had X-Rays, Ultrasounds, etc. and my family doctor diagnosed me with bursitis. I thought that my knee pain would limit me for the rest of my life, but then I saw Dr. Angela! She showed me at-home exercises and foam rolling techniques to self treat and also used ART and adjustments to get me fully functional again. She truly takes the time to LISTEN to you and fully treat you. You will not see her for 5 minutes, be cracked and popped, and sent on your way. She wants to help you become fully functional as soon as possible - she does not want to see you twice a week forever. Honestly, if you are a runner or not, Dr. Angela is great!

Dr. Angela is one of the the most comprehensive and thorough Chiropractors! Her assessment, treatment and interpersonal skills are the best. Unlike most therapists, she will find the root cause of the problem. She will then treat what needs to be treated and teach you amazing therapeutic exercises like foam rolling to speed the recovery. Dr. Angela is so passionate about helping her patients and is such a great support person!

Dr. Angela has changed my life. I thought my running days were over, but I discovered through her holistic approach how interconnected my body is; for example, how my tight neck and shoulder muscles from sitting at a desk job all day can affect hip area muscles, that affect my running ability. She patiently explains everything and teaches proper foam rolling and self-ART techniques. She leaves you feeling empowered and pain-free! I can't recommend her enough.

I first met Angela for training at the gym. I had been with many trainers in the past, but she was the first one who was able to get me in shape and helped me lose weight. Her pleasant coaching was always motivational, and she never let a little whining stop me from reaching my training goals. But more than anything Angela made working out fun!!

I also had opportunity to see her as a chiropractor too. I find her holistic view of training and therapy to be refreshing. She introduced me to ART and was able to help me with muscle strain and tension that no other practitioner was able to do. Angela is very respectful and never pushed any treatment I was not 100% sure about and she would always find alternatives that fit my lifestyle and comfort level.

Calgary has gained a great practitioner and Angela will be sorely missed in Toronto!

Sheri, Toronto, ON