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Increasing Running Mileage

Our body adapts to many things. If we go to a higher altitude for example, our body adjusts and we still receive adequate oxygen. If we get braces put on our teeth our palate/jaw/teeth adapt to the appliance and the oral structures shift. With running, our body adapts to running stimuli; impact, bounce, muscle tension, etc.…
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Dr. Angela’s Learn to Run for Women Only

CCST is excited to annouce Dr. Angela's Learn to Run Program. It will run Wednesday Evenings at 7pm beginning April 6th and going to ten weeks. These dates were specifically choosen, as 3 days after this program ends, the Mountain Equipment Co-Op 5km race is on the schedule at Heritage Park. If you wish to…
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January is a great time for Food Sensitivity Testing

A Food Sensitivity is a delayed inflammatory reaction to a specific food (or foods). The reaction itself may show up as one of many different symptoms and are different for each individual. We posted the story about when we were finally able to determine our oldest daughter's skin issues through the use of Food Sensitivity…
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Dr. Angela’s 16 Week Challenge

December 26th marked Dr. Angela's end to her 16 week IsaBody Challenge. This is what she had to say about it: There is never a "perfect time". Ever. January 1st is symbolic for many. I like January 1st. I also like September 1st, the back to school year is meaningful. I also like May 1st…
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