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What You Need To Know About IT Band Syndrome

Many running injuries primarily plague novice runners, but IT Band Syndrome has sidelined even the most experienced, long-term runners and is one of the most common overuse injuries. If you want to learn about the function of the IT band, the common causes and symptoms, and prevention techniques for IT Band Syndrome, read on! What…
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Get Ready For Your Personal Best: How To Improve Your Run Time

It’s human nature to want to get better at the things you do, and running is no exception. Whether you’ve just started training for your first 5K or are have several marathons under your belt, improving your race time is a top priority for many runners. In this post, we’ll briefly discuss a few strategies…
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Calgary Runners: Prevent Shin Splints this Fall

The incredible weather we’ve enjoyed in Calgary this summer has meant both recreational and competitive runners have had plenty of opportunities to get their runs in, and perhaps more than usual to take advantage of the sunshine. What’s more, fall is a popular time for road races, which means training is ramping up and runs…
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