How Chiropractic Care Differs from Medical Care

Chiropractic Care | chiropractor showing patient spineAre Chiropractors doctors? While not a traditional Medical Doctor, a Chiropractor is similar to other specialized Non-Medical Doctors, such as an Optometrist, Psychologist, or a Dentist. Like these other specializations, Chiropractic care serves a different function than medical care. Here are a few key ways in which they differ:


As Chiropractors are not Medical Doctors, they do not prescribe medicine. Instead, they are focused on making specific adjustments to the problem areas at their source.


Medical Doctors also use surgery as a form of treatment. Chiropractors take a more holistic approach to treatment, and will not conduct any forms of surgery.

Other Treatment Methods

Chiropractors use various different procedures to specifically help treat varying issues across the musculoskeletal system. They will also focus on other areas, such as self-management strategies for home care.

Bedside Manner

If you are referred to a specific type of Medical Doctor for a condition, chances are, they will be fully focused of the medicinal side of things. Chiropractors often take a less technical and more personal approach to their patients.

It is important to note that while a Medical Doctor and a Chiropractor’s methods might be different, they both want to ensure that you’re at your happiest and healthiest. Partner both methods of treatment with one another, and see what works best for you.

At Cadence Chiropractic, we provide gentle, functional care that adheres to our patient’s unique comfort levels. We take the time to ensure that you understand the adjustments, and can also provide alternatives to traditional treatment. The treatment you receive is entirely up to you. If you think you could benefit from Chiropractic care, get in touch! We’re happy to talk through your questions. Our Phone number is: 403.521.2278. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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