Dr. Angela & Dr. Ryan’s Favourite Supplements

As Health Care Practitioners we not only strive to provide top quality supplements to our patients but also for our family. Here is a list of our family favourites. Just click on the green links to learn more about each item.

Don’t forget about our Clinical Nutrition Program. Together we discuss what is best for you, order it and it gets delivered to your doorstep! If you ever have questions about vitamins, minerals and other supplements, please ask us!

Omega 3 Fish Oil Super EFA Liquid from Genestra

  • 1675 mg of EPA and DHA
  • liquid, orange flavour (our kids drink it in their orange juice!)
  • flavour is from orange oil, not artificial flavours

MagnesiumMagnesium from Genestra (capsule) (liquid)

Vitamin D – D3 1000 Drops from Seroyal

Vitamin C – Ultra C Chewable from Metagenics

  • our entire family uses this one, tastes great and easy to chew

ZincZinc A.G. from Metagenics

  • a great immune system booster
  • when our kids need a boost we crush it up and put it in juice

Probiotic (adult) – HMF Intensive from Seroyal

  • a daily dose of 25 Billion CFU
  • vegan friendly, available in capsule or powder forms

Probiotic (children) – HMF Powder from Seroyal

  • our children use this and we mix it in juice

Adrenal Support – TAD+ from Genestra

Multi (child)HMF Child + Multi from Seroyal

Multi (adult) – Active Mutli Vite from Seroyal

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