Dr. Angela’s April Running Workshop Series

“New Trends in Running” is always a popular workshop at CCST. Dr. Angela has set the dates for the first seminar of 2015!

Wednesdays in April beginning April 8th. Each evening begins at  7:15 and is 45-60min in length. All information presented with be in reference to your very own Functional Gait Analysis that you perform before the seminar series begins.

What is optimal cadence? Where in my stride can I improve? What about my running shoes….are they the best ones for me? Should I stretch before or after my run (or at all)?

Questions like these, and more, will be addressed. All information will be brought right back to each participant, it is very individualized. Cap at 6 participants!

Call 403-521-CCST to register. $250 per person.

Running Workshop Series April 2015-2

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