Prenatal Massage

Why Get a Massage While Pregnant?

As the body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy, prenatal massage can help those special needs of the mother to be. Prenatal massage can help to:

  • improve muscle and joint function,
  • calm the nervous system,
  • increases circulation, and
  • can help settle the mind improving quality and duration of sleep.

Prenatal massage is a non-invasive and gentler approach that can ease the discomforts of pregnancy, provide nurturing emotional support and help prepare moms to be for labor.


Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage can alleviate and sooth pressure on the weight bearing joints and musculoskeletal structures. As the baby grows most women experience discomfort in the hips, low back and rib areas. The hormone Relaxin kicks in to encourage the tendons and ligaments that support the hip bones to loosen up to prepare for delivery. The problem is that Relaxin hits every joint so there may be discomfort and instability throughout the body. 

Many women experience swelling throughout the body. The circulatory system is working hard to grow a new life. Blood volume and lymphatic fluid increase during pregnancy and sometimes the body can’t keep up and the result can be swollen legs and feet. Gentle massage can help with venous and lymphatic return, which will help provide more oxygen and nutrients to both mom and baby.

Amongst many of the other discomforts of pregnancy experienced by most, prenatal massage can assist in remedying those pesky aches and pains, headaches, sciatica, constipation, leg cramps, sinus congestion and general discomfort.

Always talk to your doctor first to ensure that massage is right for you. Then come on in and relax!

Prenatal massage can be performed on a regular massage table. Side lying is the most common position. We bolster and support using pillows, ensuring comfort is our number one priority.

We look forward to meeting you and tailoring a massage to meet your needs. 

Erin Adams, RMT

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