Probiotics – essential for this time of year!

Probiotics are essential to a healthy, efficient and powerful body. The reason is simple.

Our Immune System

Over 70 percent of our immune system is located in our GI tract (gut). Our immune system fights off invaders as we breathe them in, drink them in and eat them in. Those “good bacteria” line our gut and do their job by attacking viruses. If our gut isn’t full of the good and powerful bacteria, we are more susceptible to viruses. Due to this, probiotics are a great choice.

Many foods that can help us replenish our gut bacteria; kefir, yogurt and kombucha to name a few. However, for most of us, we do not ingest these foods regularly or even at all. As a result, supplementing with probiotics is essential.


good quality probiotic supplement can provide you and your family with a fantastic dose of healthy bacteria. Not all brands are created equal. As a result of our quest for a high quality probiotic we recommend Genestra. We use these probiotics in our home and our patients will find these are available to them at any time.

  • HMF Intensive gives adults a healthy 25 billion CFU dose, which taken daily, is an adequate dose.
  • HMF Replenish give adults a higher 100 billion CFU dose, which is a great amount when your first begin supplementing (for the first two weeks) or when your gut flora has been affected (ie: antibiotics).
  • HMF Child is a fantastic chewable multi-vitamin for children that includes 12.5 billion CFU.
  • HMF Powder is a soluble powder that can be mixed into a small amount of juice to give kiddos that little bit extra during the school year.

Finally, right now is a great opportunity for you to start supplementing with probiotics especially with the school year approaching. And, we are always happy to help with questions regarding any supplement and provide top notch quality products for you and your family.

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