Golf Performance

[row] [span8] The body behind the golf swing is a vital component to a better swing. When the body is not performing optimally, the swing will be compromised.

Golf Performance is a multi-dimensional strategy of therapy and exercise to improve a golfer’s swing and performance on the golf course. The system maximizes the capability of the golfer’s body behind the swing. This allows for increased accuracy, improved consistency and greater drive distance while minimizing the risk of injury.

Body movement is greatly affected by the muscles that create and control that movement. For this reason, muscular tightness or tension can be a game breaker for golfers.

Tight muscles will restrict motion of the golfer’s body in the swing. This will develop movement compensations in the form of swing alterations and postural sway which will sacrifice proper swing mechanics. When the body develops compensations, they will force other areas of the body to perform the required action. Therefore, added stress is placed on the corresponding body regions resulting in an increased risk of injury.

Ultimately swing consistency will be compromised. This leads to decreased efficiency, minimizes range of motion, limited stamina, reduced power and ultimately poor play. It is the primary cause of injury and swing inconsistencies.

Therefore, the swing faults experienced by a golfer can be attributed to body faults which invariably lead to swing faults.

In order to determine the existing body faults, a Golf Assessment is the most effective way. In addition, Golf Performance Therapy can help to optimize performance and prevent golf related injury.
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