Strong Runners are Built in the Winter

The Winter Advantage for Runners

Less daylight. Cooler temperatures. Snow and ice on the paths. The racing season is winding down.

But, “I don’t race, I just go for runs.” This still applies to you!

Young Woman Running in Snowy Park

Many runners dread this time of year. The glory days of summer running are almost over and its time to mentally prepare for running in different conditions. Turn the dread into opportunity and take a deeper look into yourself as a runner.

Why is this time of year an “advantage” for runners?

70% of runners get injured,

95% of individuals use a foam roller improperly,

and the majority of runners do not have adequate nutrition.

Considering the above, now is a fantastic time to look deeper into some of the following topics and potential solutions.

Topic #1: Running gait – Is there something I can improve? How do I know if something isn’t quite right?

Solution: Functional Gait Analysis. Let’s get you on the treadmill and determine what can be improved.

Topic #2: That nagging feeling in my “insert body part here – Is there an ache/pain I should get checked now so it doesn’t become a bigger problem later? How is my “function” and am I stable?

Solution: Functional Tune Up. Let’s evaluate your body to determine any dysfunction and return function to levels that are appropriate for you.

Topic #3: Foam Rolling Technique – Have I deviated from proper technique and body position when I roll? Are there additional techniques that could help my body perform better?

Solution: One-on-One Foam Rolling Session to review and/or add foam rolling techniques.

Topic #4: Feet – Are my orthotics more than 2 years old? Are my running shoes right for me and the upcoming season?

Solution: Orthotic Assessment & Shoe Consultation. Let’s take a look at what is on and under your feet. If there is a better solution we can discuss it.

Topic #5: Nutrition – Am I getting enough protein? Is my diet adequate for running, energy & recovery?

Solution: Nutrition Consultation. Let’s discuss your current nutrition and determine if there is anything that could be added or removed in order to improve your nutrition.

For one or more of those reasons above, the winter is an advantage for runners! Sometimes the smallest change makes the biggest difference, and by spring, you will be on your way to increasing intensity and doing so in a productive, efficient and lower-injury-risk way.

Dr. Angela is your complete resource for running. She will guide you through your base season and get you ready for spring. Strong runners are built in the winter!

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