The Importance of “Recovery”

It’s the time of year when most of us are either just getting back into training after an extended holiday and/or we are entering the build phase of our training plans. This is the time when we need to take care of our bodies by recovering sufficiently after hard training sessions as well as be proactive in the maintenance of our muscles to keep niggles or even worse, injury, at bay.logo

During hard sessions like speed work on the track or hard maximal efforts on the bike, we are pushing our bodies into a zone where muscles and tissues are being stressed and purposely broken down so that they can be built back up even stronger to improve function and performance. Recovery is the time we need to allow this process to happen.

To perform at our best it’s important to adequately hydrate before, during and after training as well as to get adequate sleep to assist in the recovery process. We encourage our athletes to keep their bodies “tuned up” via functional foam rolling, soft tissue work (such as ART®), chiropractic care, massage and by performing functional mobility exercises.  If you are primarily a cyclist or a runner, getting into the pool for some easy laps on recovery days can be a great form of cross training…and it always feels good to hit the hot tub afterwards!

Hard workouts are essential but be sure to think about recovery as an equally essential aspect of your training plan.

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Happy & Healthy Training in 2018!
The LYNX Triathlon Crew

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