Treating Winter Disease in Summer with TCM

Treating Winter Diseases in Summer

One of Dr. Yuchee’s goals as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to Cultivate Life. In order to do so, one approach is to prevent disease. 

Typically, winter time is full of viruses and flare ups of other conditions (for the sake of this discussion, let’s refer to them as ‘disease’). According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, if we can tonify (increase energy to the body) during summer months, we can help to prevent diseases in the winter months.

69baf3a3a2dbac7d44382ec95c5e5709Meridian points are acupuncture points along an energy line in the body. Between mid-July and late-August, there are four 10 day periods when the meridian points are wide open. These 10 day periods are the times when the tonification treatments to strengthen the health of the body are most effective. When the body is strengthened, this can help to prevent disease in the winter.

Solstice Time periods for 2018:

First Solstice : July 17 – July 26

Second Solstice: July 27 – Aug 5

Mid Solstice : Aug 8 – Aug 15

Last Solstice : Aug 16 – Aug 25

Most Common Types of Winter Diseases:

Respiratory issues 


Sinus problems

Easy catching colds / flus

Digestive problems


Menstrual pain / cramping

Headache / Migrane


Cold hands / Cold feet

And more…

Different Approaches

The most common approach to tonify the body is with the use of patches infused with Chinese Herbs and stick them onto the skin. The patches are placed over the meridian points. In some people however, this may create blisters. Instead, acupuncture or moxibustion can also be used.

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