Dr. Ludo Brunel, ND

Dr. Ludovic Brunel graduated with a degree in Human Nutrition from McGill University in Montreal and pursued his studies in Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

In addition to using prolotherapy to help heal musculoskeletal injuries and pain, Dr. Ludo is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of his practice and relies on his strong clinical skills grounded in scientific knowledge in order to help his patients reach their health goals.

Dr. Ludo has helped design and formulate several dietary supplements for some of the most advanced nutraceutical companies in Canada. He has also helped develop and implement wellness strategies for corporations and businesses looking to improve the health and happiness of their employees.

Having spent years working as a researcher and writer, his knowledge of dietary supplements and their use in health and disease allows him to bring a unique perspective and provide leadership in his field. He has successfully published a number of articles written in both French and English and addressed to varied audiences, from patients and dietary supplement users to physicians and retailers.

Dr. Ludo is also an excellent lecturer and has produced and presented several talks aimed at educating the public, vendors and health professionals on the merits of dietary supplementation, the importance of proper nutrition and exercise and the consequences of a poor lifestyle on health and wellbeing. Dr. Ludo has also produced several online videos on topics such as bone health, cardiovascular disease, stress, cancer, autoimmune disease amongst several others.